Using Technology to Optimize Rainwater Usage

From the time that first rain drop makes its way to your tank, you want to know how much water is actually in there. Through the world of automation and internet communication, our clients can view the actual status of their system at any time, whether that be on a smart phone or a web page. This capability also provides us with a unique way of determining the best use of the water collected on your property.

Sensors installed in your system allow us to provide remote real-time monitoring, keeping you, and us, aware of the productivity of the system. It also allows us, via electronically controlled valves in your system, to manage the controlled release of the collected water when necessary. One of the more sophisticated aspects of this type of system is in its predictive capability based on near-term weather forecasts.

Using current internet-based weather information for your particular site, an analysis of the potential volume of rain, along with the probability that it will actually occur, determines whether to release the stored water in your system in advance in order to capture all of the rainwater from the upcoming storm. By creating this capacity, we prevent precious rainwater from going directly to storm drainage and instead ensure that it’s directly consumed on your property thus benefiting your trees and plants and potentially aquifers located below your property. Depending on the options in your overall system, we may decide to use your existing irrigation system to create this capacity, or if you have a rain garden, we may elect to direct the water there.

Alert and informational messages can be sent via text message and/or email to inform you of abnormal conditions or just to let you know what’s going on within your system.

All of this is important for understanding the cumulative affect of collecting this water on site for all of Los Angeles.