Palms, CA Ocean Friendly Garden


Designed to meet the criteria of Surfrider Foundation's Ocean Friendly Gardens program (more about them here) this residential garden features a beautiful mix of California native and drought-tolerant succulent plants which provide habitat and food for wildlife earning it the distinction of being a Certified Wildlife Habitat.  

By capturing 1,500 gallons of storm water per inch of rain that falls on the roof and other impervious surfaces and directing it to the garden where it can sink into the soil instead of flowing to the street, the landscape reduces outdoor water use, deep waters the trees, and keeps polluted runoff out of waterways and the ocean.

Other design features include a driveway with pebble joints which divert surface runoff into the garden instead of the gutter, and a colorful plant palette that provides food and shelter for local and migrating birds, as well as insects, lizards and butterflies.



  Photographs by Saxon Holt