West Valley Cistern

Prior to landscape renovation, the majority of this 3/4 acre site was covered by compacted soil and impermeable hardscape surfaces which generated heavy storm water runoff. The homeowner wanted a garden that complimented the contemporary architectural style of the house, so the site was redesigned to maximize rainwater capture and storage, and feature a climate-appropriate plant palette that could be sustained primarily with stored rainwater and require minimal municipal water.

A 20,000 gallon rainwater storage system was installed consisting of four 5,000 gallons above-ground tanks which supply approximately 70% of the annual water needs for the 7,200 square feet of landscaping. Stored rainwater is pumped from the tanks and delivered to the landscape by an efficient drip system.

Additionally, a 25' by 6' infiltration chamber 5' deep captures and treats up to 1-1/2" of storm water runoff from all the hardscape surfaces on the site, as well as receives overflow from the rainwater storage tanks.


 Photographs by Saxon Holt